Posters from the SurfCat Summer School 2018

Understanding the Competition between Hydrogen Evolution and Carbon Dioxide Reduction on Transition Metal Phosphide and Sulfide Catalysts - Alan Landers

Photoelectrochemical water splitting using triple junction solar cell - Choongman Moon

Optimized Ag nanovoid structures for probing electrocatalytic carbon dioxide reduction using operando surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy - Denis Ohl

Lateral adsorbate interactions inhibit HCOO- while promoting CO production for CO2 electrocatalysis on Ag - Divya Bohra

Photoelectrochemical rechargeable inoranic/organic hybrid type flow battery system - Dowon Bae

CeO2-based materials as electrocatalysts for CO2 electrochemical reduction in Solid Oxide Electrolysis Cells - Elena Marzia Sala

Magic at the interface: a microfabrication-based approach to study multicomponent CO2 reduction catalysts - Gaston Larrazabal

Machine Learning Aided Discovery of High-Entropy Alloy Catalysts for CO2 Reduction - Jack Pedersen

Reactivity of Mass Selected Cu Nanoparticles for CO(2)RR - Jakob Ejler Sørensen

Electrodeposition of Gallium and Indium from [BMIM][TfO] Ionic Liquid - Jie Zhang

Operando Grazing Incidence XAS of Polycrystalline Cu Thin Films During Electrochemical CO2 Reduction - John Lin

Electrochemical surface- and tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy toward nanoscale detection of gold oxide - Jonas Pfisterer

Bipolar membrane electrochemical performance using different concentrations salt - Marijn Blommaert

Size-selected cluster deposition in liquid environments: Pd12 on Au films - Nicolas Bock

Catalytic Methanol Synthesis - Niels D. Nielsen

Metal-organic frameworks for the ORR - Thermodynamic and structural considerations - Raul Flores

Maximising Ag catalyst using in CO2 electrochemical reduction: a MOF-mediated approach - Riming Wang

New trends in Oxygen Evolution Reaction - Spyridon Divanis

CO and CO2 Reduction on Copper Electrocatalysts: Controlling Selectivity to Oxygenated and Multi-Carbon Products - Stephanie Nitopi

Strategies and problems during CO2 electrochemical reduction experiments - Sasho Stojkovikj

Benchmarking Electrochemical Nitrogen Reduction and Ammonia Production - Suzanne Andersen

Rational Design of Oxide Catalyst for Oxygen Evolution Reaction (OER) - Tugce Kutlusoy

Boron Nitride Islands in Carbon Materials for Efficient Electrochemical Synthesis of Hydrogen Peroxide - Zhihua Chen