Ph.d.-afhandlinger publiceret 2012

Physics of microparticle acoustophoresis
Bridging theory and experiment
Gas phase photocatalytic water splitting in silicon based μ-reactors
Size dependent reactivity of metal nanoparticles and alloys supported on HOPG, probed by the H-D exchange and the NH3 decomposition reactions
Microwave Receivers for Fast-Ion Detection in Fusion Plasmas
μ-reactors for Heterogeneous Catalysis
New Materials for Oxygen Reduction Electrodes
Coupling of Quantum Emitters in Nanodiamonds to Plasmonic Structures
Computational Materials Repository
Nanoscal design of molybdenum sulfides for more efficient electro- and photoelectrocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Quantum information processing with mesoscopic photonic states
Inclusion of Dispersion Effects in Density Functional Theory:
Development and Application
Benefit-Risk Assessment in Drug Development
Corrosion Studies of Platinum Nano-Particles for Fuel Cells

Structure and reactivity of nanoparticles

Generation of optical coherent state superpositions for quantum information processing
Trends in reactivity of oxides applied to catalytic oxidation of hydrogen halides
Dynamics and Instabilities of Free Surface and Vortex Flows
On quantum amplifiers, quantum discrimination and adaptive phase estimation
Versatile Density Functionals for Computational Surface Science