Ph.d.-afhandlinger publiceret 2015

Rizwan Ahmed
First Principle simulations of electrochemical interfaces - a DFT study
In Situ TEM Creation of Nanowire Devices
Dowon Bae
Development of silicon based bottom cell for tandem photoelectrochemical water splitting device structures
Adriano Alberto Berni

Continuous Variables Quantum Information in Noisy Environments

Rasmus Frydendal
Improving performance of catalysts for water electrolysis:
The MnOx case
Ulrich Busk Hoff
Integrated Quantum Optics: Experiments towards integrated quantum-light sources and quantum-enhanced sensing
Christian Holse

Studies of Catalytic Model Systems: Single Crystals and Nanoparticles

Niels Møller Israelsen
Extraction of light from a quantum emitter by tailoring the photonic environment
Asger Schou Jacobsen
Methods to determine fast-ion distribution functions from multi-diagnostic measurements
Chengjun Jin
Electron transport in molecular junctions
Adriano Alberto Berni
Squeezing-enhanced feedback cooling of a microresonator
Mauro Malizia

Large Bandgap Semiconductors for Solar Water Splitting

Christoffer Peder Nielsen
Concentration polarization: Electrodeposition and transport phenomena at overlimiting current
Anders Nierhoff

Surface Modification of Catalytic Materials

Mohnish Pandey
Computational Screening of Energy Materials
Elisa Antares Paoli

Activity and Stability of RuOx Based Electrocatalysts for the Oxygen Evolution Reaction

Frederik Stöhr
Microfabrication of hard x-ray lenses
Acoustic streaming in microchannels:
The trinity of analytics, numerics and experiments
Elisabeth Therese Ulrikkeholm

Single crystal studies of platinum alloys for oxygen reduction electrodes

Ulrik Grønbjerg Vej-Hansen
Structure, activity, and stability of platinum alloys as catalysts for the oxygen reduction reaction
Active Site Engineering in Electrocatalysis
Navish Wadhwa
Zooplankton Hydrodynamics:
An investigation into the physics of aquatic interactions
Quantum theory of plasmons in nanostructures
Kristian Baruël Ørnsø
Computational design of molecules for dye sensitized solar cells and nano electronics