Ph.d.-afhandlinger publiceret 2016

Marta Majkut
Structural dynamics of solvated metal complexes with anisotropy-enhanced X-ray scattering
Alberto Cereser
Time-of-flight 3D Neutron Diffraction for Multigrain Crystallography
Nanostructuring of Solar Cell Surfaces
Christian Fink Elkjær
Fundamental investigations of catalyst nanoparticles
Morten Niklas Gjerding
Light-matter interaction in low-dimensional materials.
A theoretical study
Martin Hangaard Hansen
Atomic-scale Modelling of Electro-catalytic Surfaces and Dynamic Electrochemical Interfaces
Christian Scheffmann Jacobsen
Quantum Information Protocols with Gaussian States of Light
Brian Peter Knudsen
Synthesis of Platinum Rare Earth Alloy Catalysts for Fuel Cells
Simone Latini
Excitons in van der Waals Heterostructures: A theoretical study
Marta Majkut
Mapping of strain mechanisms in barium titanate by three-dimensional X-ray diffraction
Marta Espina Palanco
Optical sensors and their applications for probing biological systems
Anders Filsøe Pedersen
Elucidating oxygen electrocatalysis with synchrotron X-rays: PEM fuel cells and electrolyzers
Christoffer Mølleskov Pedersen
New catalysts for miniaturized methanol fuel cells
Hanna Rademaker
Microfluidics of sugar transport in plant leaves and in biomimetic devices
Filip Anselm Rasmussen
First Principles Calculations of Electronic Excitations in 2D Materials
Jakob Nordheim Riedel
μ-reactor measurements of catalytic activity of mass selected nano-particles
Catalyst design for clean and efficient fuels
Clemens Schäfermeier
Quantum enhanced optical sensing
Eleonora Zamburlini
Pt-based Thin Films as Efficient and Stable Catalysts for Oxygen Electroreduction