Diamond magnetometry in cells

Talk by Romana Schirhagl

Groningen University, University Medical Center Groningen, The Netherlands


Diamond magnetometry is a new technique which offers magnetic resonance measurements in the nanoscale. The aim of my group is to apply this technique in biological applications. The two major research lines in my team make use of the high sensitivity that diamond magnetometry offers in different ways. The first research line utilizes diamond magnetometry to measure things that are small. Here we bring nanodiamonds into cells and measure the magnetic signal in their surroundings. This technique allows us to measure the cell’s metabolic activity during a stress response. More specifically, we are able to measure free radical generation after a trigger or inhibition. Furthermore, we can differentiate between knock out strains that differ in their metabolic activity. The second research line aims to measure processes that happen fast. The idea of this rather new project is to visualize chemical reaction dynamics. Here I will show our first proof of principle data that allows high speed magnetometry measurements.


man 09 dec 19


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