Talk: Nanoscale Quantum Optics: Opportunities for Quantum Science and Technology

Talk by Prof. Dr. Mario Agio

University of Siegen, Germany

Nanoscale quantum optics explores quantum phenomena in nanophotonics systems for advancing fundamental knowledge in nano and quantum optics and for harnessing the laws of quantum physics for the development of new photonics-based technologies.

We review our recent progress in the field with emphasis on three main research directions: single-photon emitters, nanoscale sensors and nanospectroscopy.

Next, we briefly discuss a recent market research study carried out in the framework of the COST Action Nanoscale Quantum Optics aimed at analyzing the technological implications of nanoscale quantum optics for quantum communication, sensing and metrology.


fre 03 maj 19


DTU Lyngby
Bygning 303A
Auditorium 44