17:00: Introduction, Explanation of the International Physicists Tournament (Chaired by Frederik Laust Durhuus), "Flapping Flag" (Partrick Giese), "Mendocino Motor" (Albert Klug) and two additional presentations by other members of the team, questions and discussion.

18:30: Pizza

19:00: More questions and possibly another presentation.

What's it about?

Can you measure wind speed from the sound of a flapping flag?

Or light intensity by looking at a solar powered rotor?

Why does chalk make dots instead of lines if you hold it right?

Why can a spinning magnet pin another magnet in midair?

Watch a video her: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o1eVSmnGJNc

These are some of the questions that the DTU team worked on for the latest edition of IPT.

International Physicists Tournament

IPT is an annual competition where teams of university students solve creative, open ended physics problems, using a combination of theory and experiments. On Tuesday, 26 September, at Fysikaften, the team will present some of their outstanding work in a series of short powerpoints.

We look forward to seeing you there. Remember to bring your curiosity!



tir 26 sep 23


DTU Fysik
Bygning 311
Lounge/1. sal