Biophysics and Fluids

Biophysics and Fluids (FLUIDS)

The FLUIDS section at the Department of Physics studies biophysics and fluids over a wide range of scales, spanning from macroscopic fluid flows dominated by vortices, through microfluidic flows in lab-on-a-chip systems and biological microchannels, down to flow in nanochannels and bio-mimetic membranes as well as intracellular flows and dynamics.

The section is located on the first floor of Building 309. Find staff and contact information for PPFE.

The Theoretical Microfluidics Group studies fundamental physics of fluids at the micro- and nanometer scale and performs numerical simulations of idealized physics models and actual lab-on-a-chip devices.


Complex Motion in Fluids focuses on experimental and theoretical studies of fluid flows in a variety of physical and biological systems.




Cellular Biophysics research in elastic and viscoelastic properties of and in cells and of vesicles as the simplest model system for a cell.



The Systems Biophysics Group studies physics of biological systems by applying a combination of experimental and theoretical techniques from fluid dynamics, soft-condensed matter physics and micro-fabrication to open problems in biology.