Plasma Physics and Fusion Energy

Inside Jet with plasma

Plasma Physics and Fusion Energy (PPFE)

The Plasma Physics and Fusion Energy Section contributes towards the development of fusion energy as a sustainable and environmentally safe energy source. Our main research activities deal with physical and technical aspects of plasmas. Particular emphasis is on plasma turbulence, the associated transport, and fast ion dynamics.

First plasma in the newly installed DTU tokamak.

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Turbulence and Transport in Plasmas

Turbulence and transport in plasmas is the main player in defining the confinement properties of plasma fusion devices.



Asdex Upgrade with plasma

PPFE is responsible for the CTS diagnostics at Asdex Uprade in Munich. Studies of fast-ion interaction with the plasma are crucial for harvesting fusion energy.


ITER - The Fusion Reactor of the future
The CTS group has developed a conceptual and preliminary design for a CTS diagnostic system for ITER - the fusion reactor of the future, that is constructed in Cadarache in France.