PhD School

The PhD School of the Department of Physics includes approx. 100 PhD students. About half are international students. As a PhD student at DTU Physics you will work at one of our nine research sections, follow courses and take part in summer schools.

At DTU Physics we focus our research on areas of modern physics, which represents a major scientific challenge combined with obvious application potentials in the industry or in the public sector. The Department attracts highly qualified and motivated researchers, lecturers and students from all over the world, all of whom contribute to our innovative research environment.      

PhD Programme

The PhD programme takes 3 years to complete and is specifically designed to train researchers to an international level which will allow them to interact with the international research community. 

The PhD School comprises about 100 PhD students at DTU Physics. About half are international students. Unlike the other Danish Universities DTU's organization of PhD Schools differ in the fact that it is the departments themselves which are the PhD Schools.

Who can become a PhD Student?

National as well as international candidates may apply for the program. We are looking for highly qualified candidates with high grades and a focused interest in research. Likely candidates may come from the ranks of civil engineers or have degrees in e.g. physics, biology, or mathematics.

Research at DTU Physics

Our research is carried out by a scientific staff of approx. 35 faculty members, 35 Post Docs, a range of visiting professors and about 100 PhD students. The staff is divided into nine research sections, working with a.o. materials physics, fusion energy, catalysis, energy technologies, quantum theory and information technology, biophysics and complex systems. As a PhD student at the Department of Physics you will work within one of these sections, and thus it is advisable that you read about our research, if you are considering applying for a PhD at DTU Physics. Below you can read more about our research. And information about former and current PhD projects can be found here.

Biophysics and Fluids 
Quantum Physics and Information Technology 
Neutron and X-rays for Materials Physics  
Plasma Physics and Fusion Energy 
Surface Physics and Catalysis
Computational Atomic-scale Materials Design
Catalysis Theory Center
2D Materials Engineering and Physics
Luminescence physics and technologies 

Vacant PhD Positions at DTU Physics 

At the Department of Physics we are increasing the numbers of PhD students. We suggest that you frequently check the possible vacant positions on our main site as well as the sites of the research group.

Please note that it is a mandatory requirement, that all PhD applicants have been in dialogue with the prospective supervisor before an application can be submitted for evaluation. Once you have found a potential supervisor, you need to contact them to evaluate your chance of becoming a PhD student within the given research area.

Further information at DTU Physics

For further information, contact the Head of the PhD School at the Department of PhysicsKarsten Wedel Jacobsen, one of the section heads or the head of the graduate school. 


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