Summer school on Quantum and Non-Linear Optics 2015

The 7th Summer school on quantum and non-linear optics (QNLO) will be held 7th – 13th June 2015 at Sørup Herregaard.

The 7th Summer School on quantum and nonlinear optics (QNLO) welcomes students from all over the world. The objective of the summer school is to introduce the participants to modern and very hot topics of quantum and nonlinear optics with emphasis on quantum information and quantum metrology.

We have gathered a list of internationally known experts with complementary backgrounds in the theoretical and experimental aspects of QNLO. Along a steep learning curve, the invited experts will present a span of lectures from basic concepts to cutting edge research. The school therefore offers high-level and intense training of the foundations and current frontiers in QNLO with strong focus on quantum information and metrology.

The summer school is intended to advanced graduate students with a basic background knowledge in quantum and non-linear optics. The number of participants is restricted to 60.

The summer school will take place on June 7-13, 2015 at the beautiful conference centre Sørup Herregaard, located in the central part of Zealand. Sørup Herregaard is about 70km away from the capital Copenhagen.

Sørup Herregaard

The cost of the summer school is Euro 1,000 which includes lodging, food and tuition. Please note that the deadline for registration is May 24, 2015.

PhD students can be credited 5.0 ECTS points for their successful participation in all tutorials.

At the summer school, the following topics will be discussed:

  • Quantum, nonlinear and integrated optics

  • Mechanical quantum oscillators

  • Light-matter interface

  • Quantum metrology

  • Quantum information

Invited speakers:

  • Konrad Banaszek

  • Darrick Chang

  • Martin van Exter

  • Fedor Jelezko

  • Marko Lončar

  • Florian Marquardt

  • Morgan Mitchell

  • Mike Raymer

  • Andreas Reiserer

  • Ian Walmsley

Organizing committee


Alexander Huck
DTU Fysik
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