Professor Hans Niemantsverdriet

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  • 1951 Born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • 1978 M.Sc. in Experimental Physics
  • Free University, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • 1983 Ph.D. Technical Sciences, Delft University
    of Technology, Delft, The Netherlands
  • 1984 C. en C. Huygens fellow of the Netherlands
    Organization of Research (NWO) at Eindhoven
    University of Technology, the University of
    Munich and Fritz-Haber-Institute at Berlin
  • 1989 Associate Professor at the Department of
    Chemical Engineering and Chemistry at the
    Eindhoven University of Technology
  • 1999 Professor Physical Chemistry of Surfaces a
    Eindhoven University of Technology
  • Hans Niemantsverdriet is author of Spectroscopy
    in Catalysis (VCH, Weinheim 1993), coauthor of
    Chemical Kinetics and Catalysis (together with
    R.A. van Santen; Plenum, New York, 1995) and
    (co)author of more than 150 publications. He
    was President of the European Federation of
    Catalysis Societies, and has been Associate
    Editor of the Journal of Catalysis since 1996.                          

Professor Ib Chorkendorff

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  • 1955 Born in Svendborg, Denmark
  • 1982 M.Sc. in Physics and B.Sc. in Chemistry, Odense
    University, Denmark
  • 1985 Ph.D. degree in Physics, Odense University, Denmark
  • 1986 Post-doc with Professor John T. Yates Jr. at the Surface
    Science Center, University of Pittsburgh, USA
  • 1987 Associate Professor at the Department of Physics,
    Technical University of Denmark
  • 1999 Professor in Heterogeneous Catalysis at CINF, DTU
  • Ib Chorkendorff has been the author or co-author of more than
    100 scientific papers and one patent. He is active within
    surface science and heterogeneous catalysis and has been
    heading a number of larger research initiatives in Denmark,
    spanning from materials science to future energy research. He
    has been awarded the Brinch award and is an elected member
    of The Danish Academy of Natural Sciences (DNA) and The
    Academy for Technical Sciences (ATV).