Project period: 2021-2024

Grant Kr. 6,1 mio.

Cost- and resource efficient capture and STORage of SOLar energy in tomorrow's highly electrified society is a central challenge for the coming decades.

There are three time and scale domains to consider:

1) Short-term (day timescale). For +300 cycles/year. Low total capacity.

2) Medium-term (fortnight timescale). Ca 20 cycles/year. Medium total capacity.

3) Long-term (seasonal timescale). 1 or 2 cycles/year. Very large capacity.

Good solutions are under development for the domains 1 and 3:

For domain 1, Li-ion (high roundtrip efficiency, high cycle life, low capacity) is the leading contender.

For domain 3, e-fuels (low roundtrip efficiency, unlimited capacity) is the only realistic choice.

For domain 2, however, there is currently no obvious choice. This is where STORSOL comes in. STORSOL leverages emergent Redox Flow Battery technology to combine harvesting of solar energy with chemical energy storage. This can achieve substantially better roundtrip efficiency than e-fuels (although lower than batteries) combined with substantially higher energy capacity (although lower than e-fuels).


Peter Christian Kjærgaard Vesborg
DTU Fysik
45 25 32 76