SurfCat Teaching

Surfcat for students


A number of courses at DTU are taught by Surfcat staff members.

BSc courses
10031 Introduction to physics and Nanotechnology
 Mechanics and Physical Modeling
 Experimental Methods and Instrumentation in Physics

10xxx Experimental introduction to physics in sustainable energy

33257 - Visualisation of Micro and Nano Structures

10022 - Physics 1

10018 - Physics 1

10260 - Physics of solar energy and energy storage


10240 - Design-Build 2: Wind Energy Harvesting - General Engineering

10303 - Condensed Matter Physics and Nanoscale Materials Physics



MSc courses

10304 - Experimental Surface Physics

10250 - Transmission Electron microscopy for the characterization of advanced materials

10333 - Physics of Sustainable Energy


PhD courses

10530 - SURFCAT Summer School: The Science of Sustainable Fuels and Chemicals

10506 - Journal club on nanostructures and reactivity


10501 - Modern Physics


We also welcome any dedicated student to join our highly motivated team to work on one of our research topics. We offer a large range of bachelor and master projects within the fields of electro-, photo-, and heterogeneous catalysis.