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PhD scholarships in Continuous Variable Quantum Computing, Sensing and Communication DTU Fysik 21 AUG 19
PhD studentship positions for Doing Fundamental Studies Generating and using Mass-Selected Cluster/Nanoparticles for Conversion of Sustainable Energy DTU Fysik 30 AUG 19
PhD position in Machine Learning Quantum DTU Fysik 01 SEP 19
PhD scholarship in Modeling and Experiment on Polymer-based Chips for Acoustofluidics DTU Fysik 13 SEP 19
PhD scholarship in First Principles Simulations of Domain Walls in Multiferroic Materials DTU Fysik 15 SEP 19
PhD scholarship in Machine Learning for Assisting Atomic-Resolution Electron Microscopy DTU Fysik 15 SEP 19
PhD Scholarship in Measuring the Catalytic Activity of a Single Nanoparticle under Real Reaction Conditions DTU Fysik 01 OKT 19
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